Llano the BIG City

Jeff jumper western discovery4a


FRAME 1. DISCOVERY....... That crack in the cave wall led me here, how come this has never been seen before?

Jeff jumper llano bigcity

FRAME 2. BACK TO THE CITY......what is this thing? Maybe they'll know at Carmines oddities

Jeff jumper theritual

FRAME 3. RITUAL.....Somethings getting awoken, shouldn't have disturbed the Natives and those Creatures

Jeff jumper battletrainthunderbird

FRAME 4. ATTACK OF THE THUNDER BIRD...... Our Hero came prepared with the newly constructed Battle train, Luckly the towns people listened to his warnings of Danger to come, but they never had this in mind. Is the train big enough for this Battle..

Jeff jumper western ritual

the Ritual process

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Battle train build sketchs

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Concept sketch’s for wild west story


My story is based on real stories of a pterodactyl being sited through out recent history in Texas and other places in the west.

In researching town names in Texas I ran across LLano city which has a strange Enchanted Rock legend that fit nicely into my story. Folklore of local Tonkawa, Apache and Comanche tribes ascribes magical and spiritual powers to the rock (hence the name 'Enchanted Rock')
What if time was dragged out and things progress slowly but naturally. The invention of things slower to come by, the evolution of life prolonged through some weird time loop in this Wild West Story

Bigger is Better, This is Texas after all, from Llano city to the legends surrounding Enchanted Rock. Things just got Bigger.
I mixed some of these different elements into my story ............