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This story doesn't happen in your time, nor does it happen in your world. And though I am no longer a part of the ancient world that I once called home, my spirit still floats on the wind with wings of eagles. You see, this story takes place thousands of years ago in the land of Marangail. We lived on the open plains amongst snow covered mountains. We covered vast distances over streams and glades. We were hunters by trade. We hunted during all of the seasons, through torrential rains, blistering summers, and bone-chilling blizzards. This tale is not my own, though. No, this is a tale of a young female with the heart the size of a Golden Eagle. Her story starts as all stories do…at the beginning, with conviction and purpose. It starts as this young girl is about to embark on a grand journey of determination, sacrifice, and love. Like all journeys, they have their ups and downs, just as the winds carry the mighty birds aloft. Let us take flight now and venture back to a time where cold