A well-known Mertiklask businessman, err pirate; Laan manages the massive conglomer

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Laan Nezgon Zal

Client Specs
Height: 6'5
Build: Muscular
Alien: Humanoid form
Skin:textured not smooth likes ours
Facial feature: Dark looking eyes that pierce you. Shady business men like (mob). Make head different than human shape features, like star trek does (see attachments).
Facial Marking: Some type of racial ink/tatoo on one side-He has a massive scar that runs across his right ear, around his right cheek, across his mouth, over his center chin and across his left neck.
Outfit: Mining but business/miltary looking
Background: Have him standing on a metal platform with a mining cavern behind with large crystals clusters on the the walls, ceiling, in piles, growing in groups etc.